The Premier Rigging and Millwright Specialists


Cardinal Contracting, LLC is one of the nation’s premier rigging and millwright contractors. We specialize in industrial machinery moving, heavy rigging, equipment and machinery assembly, and installation. We also have decades of experience in precision leveling and alignment, metal fabrication, heavy hauling, equipment rental, and warehousing and storage.

Cardinal’s 60+ years of experience and unmatched customer service are why our customers keep coming back. Whether it is a single press move, a turnkey machinery line installation or an entire plant relocation, we know how to get the job done on time and within budget.


Safety is King

Since the founding of the company, Cardinal has implemented a strict policy to maintain a safe working environment for both its employees and its customers:

1. Ongoing safety training programs

2. Mandatory company-wide drug testing

3. Full-Time Safety Director

This unwavering commitment to safety is reflected in Cardinal's consistently low EMR of .68





We've got the heavy duty gear and expertise you need to set your next move or installation in motion.

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When it comes to sheer capacity, Cardinal’s inventory of heavy lifting machinery is hard to beat.

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